Boxing Betting

Boxing has long been a popular sport and even though it has changed dramatically over the years for health and safety reasons, the ferocious support of the sport has not faltered and it is now as popular as ever before.

Money is playing a more important role in boxing and a factor in this is the increase in betting regarding big boxing fights. The biggest boxing fights are now multi-million dollar show piece events that take place in some of the most glamorous locations around such as Caesars Palace, Madison Square Gardens and the Millennium Stadium.

In the past few years, some of the major fights including Floyd Mayweather versus Oscar de la Hoya, Joe Calzaghe versus Roy Jones Jnr and David Haye versus Wladimir Klitschko have received such a large amount of hype and coverage that the fights have become the passion and obsession of the nations involved.

Along with this obsession and passion comes an urge to be involved in all areas of the fight and betting on the fight is something that fans of the sport are doing more and more often. That’s why this is considered today as one of the more popular sports betting channels.

There are a number of channels available to bet on with boxing fights. These are offered by all the major bookmakers and they are available to bet on either by going into a local land-based bookmaker or going on the internet and betting through their online businesses.

People can also bet on which boxer they think will win and in what round the winning boxer will gain this victory. The odds will reflect the likelihood of what is most likely to happen. They also have the ability to place a bet on which rounds each fighter will win on points. There are also some specials on offer such as whether a boxer will be knocked down and then still go on to win the fight or whether they will not get knocked down at all.

Every single outcome and potential probability is covered in this day and age when it comes to boxing betting. For some major fights there are even specials offering odds on what song the boxers will enter the ring to, whether any celebrities will be present in the crowd and who that celebrity will be supporting and there will be bets relating to the individual boxers themselves. For example, gamblers might want to gamble on what colour shorts the boxer will wear or how they will celebrate a victory.

As boxing fights become more financially lucrative, the gambling industry is more enthusiastic to capitalize on this financial prowess. Bettors can genuinely gamble on almost anything when it comes to boxing these days and the more punters are given to bet on, the more money the bookmakers will earn from this industry.