Free Sports Bets

One of the great advantages of online gambling is the ability to play your favourite casino or poker game for free, using “play money”. This option, which is not available on land based gambling establishments, allows beginners to practice their skills and improve them before turning to real money bets and novices to play without the pressure of real money bets.

This option is extremely popular with online casinos and poker rooms and almost every casino and poker site offers it to its players. You don’t have to deposit any money, just register and play for free for as long as you wish.

This option is not as widespread with online sposrtbooks. Sports books sites don’t offer a free betting, “play money” options. If you are looking to place free sports bets, meaning bets that don’t involve real money you will be disappointed by online sports books.

If you are really passionate about free online betting you have several options available on the internet:

Sportsbook Bonus

The first thing you can do is take advantage of the bonuses that online bookmakers offer new players and existing players. The major bookmakers will frequently offer a promotion that allows the player something like a free £5 bet on any sports bet if they sign up or a free £25 bet if they deposit £25 into their account. You can use the bonus to bet for free. However the drawback of this option is that you have to deposit real money to your account and meet special requirements that most sites will place on the bonus offers.

Dedicated Free Betting Sites

Another viable option is sites dedicated to free sports betting. They offer a more limited variety of betting options and the prizes are far lower than regular betting sites. But you don’t have to spend you money in the process and may win some cash if you are really lucky.

The internet has a variety of options for people looking for free bets online. All you have to do is just look for the option that mostly fits your needs.